Evolve Education Sydney 
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Who we are 

Our Beginnings 

Evolve Education is a private tutoring company made by students for students. While undertaking our studies at school, we noticed that many of those who had been tutored from year 7 were struggling to work on their own merit when it became necessary in Years 11 and 12. It was clear that students had become reliant on tutors to not only guide them in the right direction but to do the work for them. We believe that by pursuing this option, students and their parents secure their own downfall. Although they may receive good marks, many of these students fall apart when it comes to certain aspects of their further education and professional life, lacking the critical thinking skills necessary to solve problems on their own. Notwithstanding this, we recognise the need for tutors to help develop these skills, however, we believe that the current methods employed are not efficient in achieving the best outcomes for our students. 

What we Offer

 By taking a lifelong learning approach to education, focusing on the development of skills, we have flipped the traditional idea of the classroom on its head. Dictating information to students robs them of the opportunity to learn. Not only does the personal discovery of information increase the rate of retention, but it also develops research and inquiry skills. We believe in questioning and challenging our students on answers to their questions. Students will be expected to evaluate what they have learnt in order to form their own opinion, and will then be expected to defend it using evidence. They shouldn't just be told that something is right. They should know why it is right, and how we have come to determine that answer. This process of debating and questioning leads to the development of critical thinking skills and enriches self-belief and confidence. 

In addition, our program also instils the attitudes essential to academic and professional achievement. The process of critical thinking and subsequent self-belief and confidence will lead to greater commitment to education on behalf of the student. Our tutors aim to inspire their students, motivating them to achieve the best they can through dedication to their study, while also upholding the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

 In short, we aim to make the tutor redundant by equipping our students with the correct skills and attitudes that will enable them to become independent in their studies.